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The first thing we all do when we get a new tv is test it out with blu ray movie. When it comes to 3d movies they can get rather expensive. They can easily be around 25-35 dollars per each 3d blu ray. As soon as you see one movie in 3d trust me your going to want more. Like me I started thinking of all the movies that would be great in 3d but didn’t have much money to buy them all. Lucky for me I found out how to download 3d movies for free. This guide saved me a bunch of money.

I already had most of these movies on blu ray and the idea that I would have to buy these all over again didn’t seam like such a great idea. I actually stream these downloaded movies from my computer right onto my 3d tv. The quality looks just as good as a blu ray movie if you download larger files. If you don’t want to go the way of downloading 3d movies your best bet will be to 3d movies streaming. There are many more companies offering this type of service including netflix, vudu and 3dgo. 3d go is probably the largest selection of 3d movies on demand. So long live 3d as it will never die and I hope continue to be a larger demand.