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What Should You Expect When You Have a Knee Replacement in Phoenix AZ?

What is knee reconstruction?

The main component of your knee is the ACL which is also known as anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is what keeps your knee functioning properly. When you are doing physical activities like running, playing tennis, riding a bike, and more, it’s easy to have an injury occur to your ACL. The ACL is not very strong at all, it’s actually quite defenseless against damages.

What can you expect from ACL damage?

Your ACL being damaged will keep you from participating in any types of sport activities, physical activities, and even lite household activities depending on how severe your damage is. If you are looking for a great doctor to perform your knee reconstruction surgery, then you should check out Dr. Thongtrangan Phoenix.

Here is a list of symptoms that can occur from damages to your ACL.

  • Mild to severe pain
  • Mild to severe swelling
  • Mild to severe inflammation

What to expect about with the surgery?

Dr. Issada Thongtrangan reviews will help you see the great surgeries that took place before you. Here is what you need to know about your knee replacement surgery.

• Before the surgery

Your body must be thoroughly prepared for the knee reconstruction surgery. It’s important to be admitted to the hospital at least 24-hours ahead of the surgery. Your knee will have to be thoroughly examined by the surgeons before the operation can begin. They have to be able to have a clear plan.

• The surgery

Once the preparations are complete, the surgery process doesn’t take as long as you might think. It will take roughly one to three hours to complete your knee reconstructive surgery. If everything goes well, you could be discharged within three days after the surgery.

• After the surgery

You will be in a lot of pain after the surgery. The doctors will be prescribing pain killers to help give you maximized relief after your surgery. You will have to have ice packs to place under the knee to keep the swelling from causing your healing process to be longer. Both techniques used together will numb your knee.

• Physiotherapy

This form of therapy will take a lot of patience to endure. It can be challenging to go through the pain, but it will boost the healing process to quicken. After you have this therapy you will not be allowed to move much at all. That is where the patience comes in.

When can activitieies be continued?

When activities can be continued, the knee has healed from the surgery. It just hasn’t regained all of the strength that it lost as of yet. Dr. Issada Thongtrangan Phoenix Az is the best sports injury physician in the area. Schedule a visit today.

  • Walking

This activity can typically be continued around 3 weeks after the surgery.

  • Jogging type activities

It takes 3 months to get back to this.

  • Tennis and basketball type activities

This activity can typically be continued after 6 months.

  • Knee twisting sctivities

It will take around a year for these types of activities.